Animals As Leaders - The Madness Of Many 'Trans Green & Purple Splatter' Vinyl Pre-Order

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The latest and undisputed greatest from Animals As Leaders is finally here; 'The Madness Of Many' will be printed on this 'Trans Green & Purple Splatter' vinyl variant which you'll only be able to find right here!

This variant is being printed in a one-time exclusive run with only 480 being made available for purchase. Please also note this is the ONLY place to find this authentic collector's piece, and they will go quickly! You'll also receive a digital download code that will all be delivered to you on the album release date of November 11th!**


This is a pre-order item that will ship by January/February 2017 (date subject to change). ***


  1. Arithmophobia
  2. Ectogenesis
  3. Cognitive Contortions
  4. Inner Assassins
  5. Private Visions of the World
  6. Backpfeifengesicht
  7. Transcentience
  8. The Glass Bridge
  9. The Brain Dance
  10. Apeirophobia


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*** All orders including pre-order items will be shipped to arrive by the release date, regardless of the contents in the order. Please consider making a separate order should you prefer to have any 'ready-to-ship' items in your order arrive before the release date, as all orders will ONLY be shipped as one cohesive package.